Global warming is an issue that we have faced globally for many years. However, the acknowledgement it receives as being an inevitable issue has increased significantly in recent years because environmentalists have recognised the problems it is causing us right now, and the state of our futures if we don’t change our habits.


The issue is unchangeable, nonetheless there are minimal changes we can individually all take in our everyday lives to reduce the impacts of climate change. If you’re concerned, incorporate these small things to assist the movement against climate change;


Buy a reusable water bottle – help cut down on mass plastic production and invest in a reusable, aluminium water bottle. A simple change will save you money in the long run, and also benefit the environment in the process.

Substitute to a plant-based diet - Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14% of global climate-changing emissions. If you eat meat every day, incorporating one day where you only eat vegetarian or vegan produce will collectively help to reduce CO2.

Top up on your fitness – I don’t mean go to the gym every day, I mean walk short journeys where you don’t actually need to drive.

Public transport – take a bus or train journey if you’re going into major cities, as if everybody done this, we would decrease emissions from motor vehicles significantly.

Get your electricity from the wind and the sun – incorporate solar panels, double/ triple glazing and insulation into your homes. You can switch to a green-energy provider, without any disruption to your supply in just 5 minutes.

Use metal straws - in just the U.S. alone, one estimate suggests 500 million straws are unnecessarily used every single day. If even 50% of people used metal straws, the amount of plastic we would stop unnecessarily producing would significantly reduce climate change.


Effects of climate change are extreme, and will eventually effect everyone and our planet. Loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves are just some examples of what effects we are contributing to our own globe. We need to take action now, and stop killing our planet.




By Teide Marrable