There are some sixth form colleges that will only allow you to take a particular subject if you get certain grades in your GCSE's. If you fail to achieve higher than a Grade 4 or 5, it could make A Levels off limits. In that case, you may be offered a vocational qualification such as a BTEC Level 3 instead.

Most universities require a Grade 4 at the very least in GCSE English, Maths and sometimes Science. With the new A-Level reforms, your GCSE grades can now be used more widely to determine your university eligibility. There are some universities that will ask for certain subjects in GCSE with a specific grade. Career related degrees may have subject specific entry requirements.

Achieving a lower grade than you hoped for is disappointing. Try not to be too disheartened, this does not mean you can’t apply for your dream university course. It’s just that the grades you receive may limit the universities that you can apply for. Some top uni’s will ask for high A Level grades. Grade 6 and 5 at GCSE will suggest C or D at A Level, which will not be enough to get into some universities.

If you get the grades you dream of, congratulations. Go and celebrate, you’ve earned it! If you are unhappy with your results and you want another chance to improve your grades, there is the option to take GCSE retake. There are some competitive courses such as Medicine which may not accept GCSE retakes. However, if you think your results are incorrect you will need to make enquiries directly to the examination board. But don’t forget it is then up to them to decide if the grades are right or wrong and if you are really unlucky they may mark you down and not give you marks!!

I hope this enlightens you and opens your eyes as to how important your GCSE's really are.