As the December month creeps up on us quicker every day, the anticipated twenty-fifth only seems a day away. Stores bring in decorations during November and December however, when is it really too early to start celebrating Christmas?



Walking into a start blanketed in red, green, and gold really does bring a sense of joy. The Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and tinsel. Sales suddenly boom, as you walk in for milk and leave with ten assortments of ball-balls. But as the trees shed, the gingerbread men rot, and the tinsel falls apart as some may argue how Christmas has come too early. The music echoing through the stores, but ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is for silence.



“I don’t think it’s too early to celebrate this early but, it would nice to not have the build-up of Christmas splashed in front of our faces.” a local comments, “I just want to listen to normal songs in the store all day long really!”



“It’s too much! It doesn’t need to start this early.”



“I love it. Just gets you ready for the festive season.”



Do you think Christmas is celebrated too early? Or have you got your trees out, you tinsel hung and lights strung?



Some may argue this is perfect, a great build-up to such a big day. Christmas 2019, your best yet?


Sanjna Nower Hill