Local charity shop Barnado’s told me about ‘Second Hand September’, which is also being supported by British model Stella Tennant. The campaign is based on the goal to reduce environmental damage engendered by increased consumption of new clothing and it  encourages local communities to switch to more sustainable shopping.

‘Second Hand September’ is trying to erase the stigma around second hand, which used to be prevalent, especially among the younger generations. However, we see now, through school climate strikes and more awareness about the detrimental effects of global warming on our planet, that the youth have opened up their eyes to change. Many teenagers now have embraced the ever-growing trend of thrift shopping, to find high-value vintage and pre-loved goods, which is a positive sign.

I spoke to Mirjana Petakovic from Barnado’s charity shop in East Sheen about her thoughts on the matter and she emphasised the benefits to your conscience and your wallet when you do decide to shop second hand. She said ‘People should go to charity shops to be more sustainable, because everything is unique and better quality. Mirjana also touched upon the moral benefits, ‘You have a better sense of mind when you shop second hand as you know children aren’t being exploited’, as present in many production lines today.

She also described how it is fun, finding a gem for a great price and how September has been ‘better’ than other months sales wise and she relates this to the Second Hand September project.

There are many signs that Sheen is becoming more driven towards sustainability, in a time where urgency is required with the impending threat of global warming; projects like Second Hand September act as fun initiatives for people and families of all ages to get involved in, and it benefits the environment as well as the charity.

Written by Ariana Mokarrami from St Catherines School, Twickenham.