Christmas is my favorite time of year. It’s full of family, food, presents and joy. But do we start our celebrations a bit too early?

When is the right time to start selling those Christmas goodies though? Straight after Halloween? Middle of November? Some shops even began in September, right after the back to school frenzy was over. Even those who, like me, absolutely love Christmas, can’t help but question why the season starts so soon in stores like John Lewis, Selfridges, Hamley’s and many more.

This is called the ‘Christmas Creep’. The titles goes back to the 80’s, and describes the way shop owners slowly but surely start introducing the festive items onto their shelves from very early on, allowing them to ‘creep’ into our shopping bags. They also do it to try and beat out the competition. Since so many of us try and get the best deals for our holiday goodies, shops have to introduce there items early on, so the shoppers heads are filled with the knowledge these stores carry the items, thus making it more likely for a purchase to be made.

Many people get annoyed when these (pre)season gifts hid the shelves in October. But there can be benefits. For instance, December is one of the craziest shopping times of the year. So, getting at least some of your Christmas shopping done early could be a big help to the stress of trying not to forget anyone’s present, or being stuck with no money left after a mad weekend spree of gift shopping. Also, you would have more time to enjoy the festive season instead of worrying about all the shopping!

So, although it can definitely be annoying seeing snowmen when the leaves are only just beginning to fall, but there are definitely good things about it too – maybe next time you see stocking fillers in October, think ahead and get you secret santa present prepared!