Everyday either we remind children how social media plays such a consuming role in our lives. Or, you may be the child in the place of being constantly nagged, begged, warned by your elders that you “shouldn’t waste time on social media.” However, does social media really play such a bad role in our lives?



Social media includes popular online platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and may more. These websites pass information from one user to another and millions more, who of which you know or maybe be completely unaware of. Everyday, students are educated as to how social media can be dangerous and play a negative role in our lives. And this is very true. Social media can be harmful and dangerous; but it isn’t emphasised how this is when it is being used incorrectly. Users who may be too young or immature may be exposed to these dangers. For those who are able to use it respectful, could social media be the hero?



Some may argue how social media has such a large advantage especially in this modern age. The uses of applications held on a phone can help anyone access information from anywhere in the world. if you find yourself in danger, you can easily track your device. If you’re lost, just open the map. Need information, google. So many features including social media can entertain as well as educate its users.



With such simple necessities installed in a few apps, is social media playing a helpful role in our lives? Is this a use we need to adapt to, to move with the time? Next time you find yourself in a situation using social media, ask yourself: is this a hero or a villain?


Sanjna Nower Hill