The expansion of Hoo St Werburgh. A quiet village based in Kent is being transformed into a bustling town by the development of 29,463 dwellings. 

Taylor Wimpey a British based house building company, began the construction in February of last year. Their hopes for Medway by 2035 are for it to be a “Leading Water Front University City of 330,200 people, noted for its stunning natural and historic assets and countryside.” These are their hopes but many people in the area disagree and feel as if there will be no country side left if they carry on with the extension. Over 1,281 houses will be built per annum. With eight different areas around Hoo being compromised by the new construction. These houses are being built because of the acute housing shortfall, as this is a “a national issue that touches all of us”- Medway Council.


This has caused an uproar within the community as many disagree and feel the expansion with have a significantly negative effect on the village as it becomes transformed into a town. As well as there not being efficient facilities or Infrastructure. For example hospitals, with many trying to book appointment for 4 days, with no luck, which is devastating when the population of Hoo is majoritively OAPs (old age pensioners). Another complaint the Hoo citizens have is parking facilities, many end up parking on the main road causing lots of congestion as there is one car park in the whole of Hoo which could only hold 20 cars at a time. This needs major changes, therefore Medway council should focus on building these facilities first before the 29,000 houses.


However, the need for houses is urgent with 320,000 people currently homeless across the UK. This could free up many council houses and gets more people of the streets. As well as the inflation of houses prices to over ten times the average UK salary. Building houses in the Peninsula can increase the current house prices, especially if they get the go ahead to built an airport or train station, with more people being able to reach jobs in London, which could also increase job availability in Hoo. Public transport could be a major plus for the people of the village with many younger people having to catch buses and trains having other ways of transport could be a huge help.


This is why the need houses is prominent and can not be ignored, as well as the transport being away to better the area. In conclusion, The expansion of Hoo Peninsula is an important construction that can benefit South-East England if Medway Council do it correctly. It could benefit many with more transport, housing and raising house prices. As well as an increase in job opportunities and career paths for GCSE students through to A- level students. 


However, it will need more facilities as they are already quite run down at this moment in time of they are to increase the population the need for schooling, medical attention, jobs will increase. Car parks will have to be built and driveways as the main road already has congestion due to cars parking there as they have no where else to go, with this increase the amount of people on the road will also increase and case a problem for those who have to get to work or school early. Therefore, with the correct infrastructure and facilities, the expansion of Hoo St Werburgh is a beneficial occurrence.