On Saturday the 9th November 2019, Berrylands scout hut held a fireworks night for adults and children to enjoy. This is to help the scouts, cubs and beavers raise money for a cause. The fireworks evening took place from 6.30pm to 8.30pm where there were many stalls being run by volunteers which people can spend money and have fun before the fireworks and grab something to eat beforehand and during the fireworks. 

The  activities  that took place included: information about the scouts, first aid in case anyone got hurt, bottle tombola which included different types of alcohol for the adults and juices for the kids so there was a fair chance of all age groups, raffle, popcorn which was made with a popcorn machine and they had sweet popcorn which was very tasty and I would recommend, candyfloss which sold out very quickly, A BBQ outside near the firework which sold hamburgers and sausage rolls. 

It also included different games like ping pong, lucky dip, hook the duck, and other things to be won like the toy tombola. There was also some other snack food like cakes, drinks, sweets and film was put on for any young  children who got scared of the firework and wanted something to relax them. However, if this happened their parents had to stay with them. 

Although it was raining many of the people who came had a blast and one lady said, “ it was one of the best firework displays she has seen”. The fireworks scared at 8pm and ended at 8.30pm. the firework’s had many colours which included: red, yellow, purple, pink, green, gold, orange, blue, and silver. the Scouts Hut had sold of tickets which meant that people who came couldn’t enjoy the activities inside but could still see the firework from outside. 

One person who was the firework from outside said “ they love it as they could see every firework as they shot up very high and were very vibrant and colourful, they also said they would recommend seeing it next year as this an event for the family” 

By Grace Harris