Eton Manor RFC set the bar high yet again! Wanstead was the place to be on November 3rd where Eton Manor Rugby Club held their annual spectacular show of Fireworks, bringing both residents of Wanstead and of other boroughs together on this Sunday evening full of fun for all. The atmosphere was not one to miss – residents of Wanstead cannot wait for the Club to steal the show again next year.  

Bars, food stalls, face painting and even a toy stall to entertain the children; the Rugby Club definitely catered for all ages with success as families flooded through the gates the minute they opened, along with groups of teenagers and even the elderly. Not only was this event a perfect opportunity for a night of enjoyment, but it was also a chance to gather the community together as a whole with many stating that within their busy lifestyles they had ensured that they could attend this outstanding event. Jenny Calder, a mother at the event with her child, stated, ‘It has been really well organised and an amazing opportunity to come together.’ She additionally described the occasion as ‘a great community event with rugby club having a great family friendly feel’. 

The 2 hours before the fireworks encouraged this perfect opportunity as the crowd grew and soon every inch of the field side was covered with people desperately trying to get to the front, in search of the best view. Although, with such an extravagant display being shown, nobody missed out on the impressive display of fireworks lasting a captivating 20 minutes. Whilst enjoying the refreshments provided, cheering added to the atmosphere which grew louder as the finale took off.    

However, it should not be forgotten that many thanks must go out to the organiser, Dave Dennis; without his help this event would not have taken place. He agreed that there was an ‘amazing community response for a community rugby club with a fantastic display being shown.’ He went on to say, ‘It’s what we do as a rugby club – we bring people together.’ We can only wait in anticipation until next year to experience this unforgettable evening once again. 

Sarika Patel