November is the month where members of the Commonwealth give thanks to those who lost their lives in World War 1. Money is raised and poppies are sold throughout the month to honour those who died for their country. The main focus of them month is Remembrance Day on November 11th.

On Remembrance Day, a 2 minute silence is held to thank and honour those who died for us- and we are reminded of how hard they fought for future generations. Poppies are laid down at memorial sites because the poppies grew in Flanders field- which is where the bodies of fallen soldiers were buried. The queen and High Commissioners of the Commonwealth lay wreaths at the Cenotaph; the focal point of the nation’s homage. Veterans remember their loved ones that they lost in battle through different events held in their communities. Many people like to write poems to thank veterans for their service to the country and for risking their lives for us. 

Poppies are sold throughout the month of November to raise awareness for the month’s focus and to raise money for the Royal British Legion. This amazing charity cares for ex-army members of Britain and gives them the support they need after their service to the country. Every November, the charity sells millions of poppies to remind us of those who died for us. They sell them in schools, other charities, shopping centres and some shops to try and get the most amount of funds they can to care for the fantastic people who were in the army. 

November, the month of remembrance, is a special month as it recognises the hard work that thousands of people have done to save our lives. Charities such as the Royal British Legion are an important part of the fundraising and events that take place to thank and care for those who fought for us.