This month I was thinking of ideas of what to write about and decided to look up Walthamstow – where I live - in the news to get some inspiration. However, most of the stories that I could see were to do with either knife crime, shootings or other forms of abuse. But where are all the positive stories?

The news only seems to focus on the negative stories locally and globally. It makes people upset, angry and gives everyone very pessimistic and dampened views on the world we live in. However, there are so many positive things we could talk about too. For example, this year Waltham Forest is the first ever London Borough of Culture, something I am involved in. This award has enabled our borough to do so many great things, from celebrations and festivals with big displays and entertainment, to providing safe spaces for young people in the area, and raising awareness about the issues they face every day by creating a documentary some of my friends were in. These things are only in my local area, so there are plenty of great things going on at a global scale.

Recently at the time of writing there have been over 316 bus stops designed to help trees in Holland, a pioneering approach has been taken to tackling drug dealing in Bristol, and in Essex a mother oyster sanctuary has been created that could restore the species. But in the news, all we hear about is the newest updates on Brexit, Trump and what various celebrities have been up to this week. Of course, these things are important to us – perhaps bar the celebrity life but I do admit I like reading The Sun occasionally – but there should be some good things to balance out the bad. Sites like Positive News only report good things happening around the world, which I like having a look at, and there should be more stuff like this in the regular news. Let’s show off all the good things we are accomplishing everyday all over our wonderful planet!