With increasing attention and care to the environment, the Green Team at The Henrietta Barnett School have designed a challenge promoting a 'greener' and eco-friendlier Halloween for you to enjoy this Halloween.

The team consists of approximately 20 students, who work to reduce the impacts the school poses on the environment. Posters have been put up throughout the school, some even on toilet cubicle doors stating possible suggestions for students to follow. Mahliha Taylor, 15, who has been a member of the Green Team for 4 years and has played an important role in creating the 'Go Green for Halloween' challenge stated, 'Throughout Halloween, lots of sweet wrappers are disposed. And so, we have suggested using more sustainable chocolate brands such as 'Green and Blacks.'' 

A recent study has also stated that Halloween 2019 will create 2000 tonnes of plastic waste. As a result, some other suggestions from the Green Team include buying second-hand costumes from charity shops and upcycling old clothes. Upycling refers to the reuse of discarded objects and materials in such a way to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. Upcycling old clothes delays the time taken for the material to end up in a landfill. Repurposing clothes is beneficial with the textiles industry being the most polluting industry in the world.

Despite the Green Team's efforts to have a 'greener' Halloween this year, it is difficult to say as to whether people do act on it. Nevertheless, attempts have been made and the Green Team will continue to fight this battle.