“It’s true, with hard work and determination you can achieve the impossible”

Joel Najera, 46, has done the extraordinary and has proved that strong will and determination can achieve the impossible even if you are from the Amazon Rainforest. Born in the swamps of the Amazon Jungle (in a small settlement called Lago Agrio) on the edge of Ecuador, Joel had survived many epidemic and hazardous environments since birth. His childhood home was high up in the trees of the swamp for safety from the many feral animals such as anacondas, alligators, pumas etc. Although he was high up and safe, danger was always just around the corner.  When he was just a baby, an anaconda invaded the family home and fell into his cot from the overhead branches of the tree hut. His father, with no hesitance, wrestled with the snake and protected his youngest child.

To make matters worse Joel, at the young age of 4, unfortunately caught Malaria making him suffer for many months. After he recovered, Joel’s family migrated to a safer environment in central Ecuador so passing the high hills of the Andes and settled into a small community called Santo Domingo. Joel started school with great difficulty due to his many illnesses contracted from the Amazon.  However, his diligence and determination won through and he graduated from school, started working as a mechanic for the family business and went on to study HNC in mechanics. Due to the lack of work opportunities in Ecuador he decided to travel to London where he soon met his future wife. Together they created a successful family business for themselves and their two daughters, proudly using their names to name their company, Geolida Properties Limited. He now resides in London with his two daughters, wife and his successful business.

  “Vision, hard work, determination and ambition really does help achieve your goals in life, whatever your background and ethnicity”.

By Lydia Najera-Brown