Medical helicopter makes an emergency landing on public field, Herbert Road, which causes worry and concern from local residents.


On the afternoon of Thursday 17th October 2019 the residents of a calm and peaceful neighbourhood, Herbert Road in Wimbledon, was suddenly disturbed when a medical helicopter took an emergency landing on the public field in the centre of the neighbourhood. The emergency landing had shaken up all the residents of Herbert Road as they all gathered around the medical vehicle in awe and curiosity. What could have possibly happened to get a medical helicopter to take a sudden landing?


One of the few paramedics explained to an eager local business woman, Gwen Garcia 34, that an adult man has a crucial injury near the Wimbledon train station where it is impossible to rescue him by ambulance due to the horrendous traffic. This unfortunate news spread quickly across the neighbourhood and has shocked families all around but that didn’t stop them admiring the vehicle.  Another local resident, Lorraine Hogan 60, last saw a helicopter land in the same field approximately 13 years ago when a man fell down the stairs and had a serious spinal injury. “This doesn’t happen very often” Hogan said, “although it comes here to collect injured people, it’s great to see a helicopter up close”. 

Other families like Lorraine’s took the opportunity to take pictures of one of mankind's best source of transportation that we only see in action movies or hidden high above the clouds. However, despite this temporary tourist attraction the real question is if the injured man will make it?  Some wait anxiously whilst others wait to get the helicopter in focus through their mobile phones, the wounded man has yet to be collected. Twenty minutes had passed since the landing and we all wait with bated breath. Sadly, although the quickest form of medical attention had come to his rescue, it was too late as the man had sadly passed away due to the severity of his injuries and was taken to the local hospital’s mortuary by ambulance. The helicopter takes off with no patient inside and the families of Herbert Road returns to their homes, filled with mixed emotions about the sorrowful event that had just happened. 

By Lydia Najera-Brown