On Halloween (October 31st) in Worcester Park, a pumpkin was spotted to be on fire. 

It was a normal night, where kids were trick or treating until children and parents noticed a 'pumpkin' on fire. The owner of the house didn't hear the knocks of the door until a couple minutes later. When the owner, opened the door, she was expecting kids saying "Happy Halloween!" or "Trick or Treat!", instead was greeted with worried parents yelling "Your pumpkin is on fire!".

The lady tried to blow it out with just her mouth but it was not working so she poured water on top, which didn't stop the fire but did the opposite and increased it. She went back to get more water and poured it on the fire and the danger had passed but her embarrassment didn't. She was grateful to the people who told her of the fire so gave the kids more sweets. The woman said, " I felt terribly embarrassed because it happened in front of children and their parents." 

The lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the fire started with her putting too many candles in the pumpkin. We later found out that the pumpkin was actually made of glass and that is how it caught on fire. The young woman was startled to find the pumpkin she brought just that day on fire. The lady still put a candle in the pumpkin but she only put in one this time (so the children knew she had sweets and would knock at her door). For the rest of the night, there was no more fire incidents. She says, "Next time I will stick to real pumpkins!"

Happy Halloween (and be safe, please).