"It's like inviting trouble, but it's a trouble you can't see."


On Tuesday 15th October 2019, an evening of Clairvoyance was held at Feathers Hotel, Merstham, Redhill. Before the event began I was able to interview a clairvoyant medium  (a person who is said to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and human beings) called Jan Brook. When asked a series of questions about her beliefs and experiences on the Ouija board, Jan Brook's responses were:


"I've seen it go. I have seen that work massively, but in the wrong hands at the wrong time, it's not a good thing to do. As a medium, it's quicker to work without a ouija board, the only thing that's wrong with ouija boards is the situation that the majority of people use them in. When you see something flying round your table of its own volition - that's not good. It means that that's then got control - and not you. And you don't want that to have the control. Most people do the Ouija board when they've had a drink, it's like you've got friends round and 'oh let's get the ouija board out'. You're inviting mischief into your life.  I don't know anybody that's done it - not just talking teenagers I'm talking older people - I don't know anybody that's come out of that and not been slightly disturbed by it. It's like inviting trouble, but it's a trouble you can't see."

 "As any kind of medium you are in control at all times of your body and mind - no matter what people tell you. That's what you learn to do, you stay in control. But the people that are using Ouija boards have not learned how to self protect, and self-protection's massively important with what we do. We've used it in controlled circumstances - just as an exercise- and to me, it's just a slow way of doing my job. If you're doing it in the correct circumstances it works fine - as long as you don't  start asking for the darker side of life."


"My father in law, we had a caravan in our garden and he passed away there. Then things used to fly around the caravan - it was my workroom - and literally things would fly across the caravan. And then this one particular day- it was on the day before Good Friday - and I used to make stuff to sell to travellers, gypsies... and a lady had said to me 'will you send me the photographs of the christening dresses that you make?' and I went 'yeah I'll do that on Tuesday'. I went in my caravan Tuesday morning and all the photographs of the christening dresses were laid out on the floor in a lovely pattern. A few weeks later we were doing the Ouija Board and father in law came through and what he spelled out was 'Were the photographs okay?' He used to make all kinds of things happen, they were in a box, in an envelope, in a cupboard - but on the Tuesday morning they were laid on the caravan floor."   


According to Jan Brook, experiences on the Ouija board do not have to be negative or frightening, as long as the conditions are correct and safe, and the users know who is really in control.