The movie abominable is a childrens movie about a young girl, Yi, who finds a yeti on her roof. He was previously captured and escaped. Yi vows to bring him back to his family at everest. Her and two of her friends set off that day, pursued by an old man and a double crossing English scientist.

While this movie was a childs movie it was also very enjoyable for older people to watch. It was sweet and simplistic which most people find they like in a movie as it brings hope. It covered almost all the typical bases a movie should cover, having sad scenes and happy scenes and scenes with dramatic music and a hot pursuit. It was also consistently funny with jokes all ages could enjoy.

Although the movie was simple, it had a complex message behind it, showing the negative side of greed and pride, when all the powerful people want is money and it's up to some children to help. It depicts that in order for you to be free and be a better person, you have to let things go and look on the bright side.

In addition to that, the animation style was cute and complex, making the yeti seem absolutely adorable, earning a few 'awww's' here and there.

A few scenes that deserve recognition is a particular scene where near the end of the movie the secondary antagonist, realises that his lifelong goal to pursue the yeti and bring him to his collection was pointless, he realises they are just creatures who should be left in peace and not captured and caged. This scene is extremely important because its teaching the young audience to let things go, to be a better person.

And finally, I would rate this movie ⅘ a very enjoyable experience. And as a warning, if you watch this movie you will never be able to look at blueberries the same.