On the 29th of October 2019, Gumley House presented a collection of inspirational performances - based on the theme of Diversity. Gumley's very own drama students interpreted and performed what it means to be ‘striving for the impossible’ and a collection of students, across the year groups, took inspiration from various subjects to express multitudes of perspectives.

The main performances consisted of student's: poetry, dance, art and music ( all performances representing different individuals and cultures.) Many untold and overlooked individuals were also commemorated. In relation to the event, a library display was created; to share the stories of individuals who acted as catalysts of influence and change, such as Harriet Tubman.

I interviewed Alisha Beaver and gained insight into the day. She had performed a vibrant song and dance routine. I had asked what had made the day special. She replied, "Black History isn't just about other people's stories, it's also about expressing yourself and telling yours ..." Clearly, this day brought creativity, talent and more current experiences into the spotlight. The audience also imparted a marvellous response to those acting reading or retelling. Many mentioned the wholesome, unitive aura throughout the night. This shows the genuinely captivated everyone."It felt exciting to be there, even watching the others perform made me feel the energy, " were Alicia's exact words.

The night left all those participating leave with a deeper sense of identity. Alisha recalled she had, "Found out more about myself, confident in myself and I enjoyed exploring other cultures."

To sum up, as said by Deborah Fayomi, " I believe that the theme of black history was very touching to many people." This traditional day has always been looked forward to and after hearing opinions I doubt this attitude will change.

By Sarah Holmes De Abreu