CNCO...A Latino American boyband formed in the finale of the show "La Banda", on December 13th of 2015. Since then, they have been hitting the charts with their unique songs each time.

The members of the group are all aged between 18 and 23 (2019), and their names are: Joel Pimentel, Zabdiel de Jesus, Erick colon Brian, Richard Camacho and Christopher Velez.

The songs produced by CNCO are either in spanish or a mix of spanish and english, known as "spanglish".

Their first album was 'Primera Cita',released in 2016,which consisted of the song 'Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos)',receiving a total of 1.5 billion views on youtube alone.A total ofn14 songs were written and produced for this album, which were mainly composed in spanish with some english involved.

The next album released by CNCO was in 2018 named 'CNCO', giving their group name to their album,since the music videos and lyrics in the songs were based on their personal lives, and experiences.

Recently, in October of 2019, CNCO collaborated with PRETTYMUCH,another boyband,producing and releasing their new music video for their single 'Me Necesita'.                                  

Zabdiel quoted: "It is the first time that any boyband collab in history,so we can say we are making history".

So far, CNCO have won in total 23 awards since 2015-2019...In 2019 they won the Billboard latin music award for Latin pop Album of the year,Teen Choice Award for Choice Latin Artist, 'lo Nuestro' Award for Pop/Rock Album of the year,Teen Choice Award for Choice Latin song, and finally the Billboard Latin Music Award for Latin Rhythm Artist of the year,Duo or group.