London is known for its haunted places and many are in our locality.

The Spaniards Inn, a pub in Hampstead, was built in 1585. It is said that it was frequented by Dick Turpin, the infamous highwayman, when his father was landlord of the inn. Spaniards Inn at that time was a two hour journey from central London, and wealthy travellers frequently passed by. It is rumoured that Turpin and his gang would watch from the windows for coaches to rob. It has been claimed that several ghosts haunt this locality, so if you pass through Hampstead Heath on Halloween, listen out for the sound of hooves as Turpin gallops through the night.

Hampstead Heath itself is said to be the place of several mysterious sightings. Some claim to have seen an apparition of a Victorian woman strolling through the heath on a misty morning, and others say they have seen an apparition of a young girl passing by.

All cemeteries can be seen as slightly eerie, however Highgate Cemetery reaches a whole new level. In the 18th century, there was a spike of sightings of apparitions in this graveyard. It has been rumoured that an apparition of a man wearing a top hat disappeared through the cemetery’s wall, and for a while there was a belief that a vampire walked the graveyard grounds.  Other stories include a creature with glowing red eyes, and a man who claimed to have been knocked over by a ghostly creature on the road adjacent to the cemetery.

So if you are out in any of these spooky spots, watch out for a spooky sighting!