As an Explorer scout, I just cannot wait for the next camp that our troop attends. Recently I went to this year's annual Scarefest in Gillwell Park which offered an amazing range of Halloween activities, crafts and experiences across one weekend in October.


The wonderful camp included a walk-in petting zoo and a bumper cars ride. Even though it did rain on Saturday, no one’s spirits were crushed. We continued on with axe throwing, pumpkin carving, ‘inflatable’ caving to name a few. We never got bored or hungry for that matter – the renowned ‘Chubby’s’ food truck was always open, supplying the peckish scouts with burgers, chips and hot chocolates galore.

As the light dimmed from the sky, and the cold weather crept up on us, the fun didn't even lessen. Mazes that had been skilfully put together throughout the day were now open and queues quickly built up for the jump scare experience for any one of 4 mazes. Actors and special effects shocked everyone and left each scout running out of each with fear and excitement to get into the next one. 

As the night drew to a close, all Scouts and Guides gathered on a field to watch the famous firework display – we trekked back to our tent with images of fire blasting up in the air and fireworks bursting through the sky forever in our memories.


But what made this Scarefest such a special one was that Gillwell Park was celebrating its 100th birthday as the largest Scouting hub in the world. With donations of buildings, artwork and statues all over the campus, it is hard not to feel a part of something massive and global at Gillwell. I would advise everyone to attend next year, and if you are not a scout already, then join!


By Sam Hardaker