There is a long tradition of rugby at Grasshoppers RFC starting all the way in the 1950s to now, Grasshoppers have teams for boys and girls from the young children to adults. Grasshoppers aim is to build self confidence, establish strong robust team principles and most importantly for the players to enjoy training and playing the game itself. They also teach players the virtues of hard work, dedication and determination with training sessions that are around two hours long and provide training twice a week. This includes playing games away with other  clubs and getting the chance to play in competitions. Grasshoppers are also welcoming anyone who would like to be a part of the fun. Even if it is your first experience playing rugby, they are completely happy to train and help you learn more about the sport. The coaches that help train you all have an amazing amount of experience and knowledge of that game which helps if you are thinking of doing rugby long term or as a physical education GCSE sports option. They also have a website which tells you all about the club, the teams, the history of the club and information about training times if you wanted to go down to the club and start training there you would know what day and time it was. On the website it also shows you an email at the bottom of the page, this email is used to contact the Director of Rugby if  you need any other help. Grasshoppers also host the Middlesex tryouts which many players from a lot of different teams come to try out for in hopes of getting into the county team, which only a few players get to be a part of.