With the country’s capital growing every day and Bromley South being filled with commuters travelling into London all the time, will Bromley really benefit from having its own tube station?

Well, study shows that from 2017-2018 over 8.5 million people entered and left Bromley South and 1 million people used the station to change trains. This is mostly because of the workers that take the train to commute back and forth from Bromley South and London Victoria or anywhere on the popular Thameslink line that includes Elephant and Castle and London Blackfriars. With trains always being filled to the brim both in the mornings and the evenings, it seems very sensible to stretch the Bakerloo line all the way to Bromley. This will not only create a few jobs in the local area, but really boost the economy as there are many people who take the train to Victoria and then having to take the tube from there in order to get to where they want which costs more money and time than sticking to the tube from Bromley so this could save a lot of money for the general public. With a tube station here, people could be directly in reach to where they work.

Public transport would gain a better reputation and the town of Bromley itself will really become more interconnected and integrated with central London giving commuters a much easier life. So will it ever happen? Transport for London are looking to extend the Bakerloo line to further on in south east London, but not as far as Bromley South (yet). TfL are currently asking for opinions on their proposed extensions which had talks of reaching Beckenham Junction, a mere two stops away from Bromley South on the London Victoria line. So the extension to Bromley South evidently has a while to go, but I feel as if others may agree with me when I say there is a lot of potential if it was to happen here in Bromley.

Leo Walton