On the 17th of October 2019 at 7:30pm, Charles Darwin School, students, parents and teachers gathered to celebrate the success and all the hard work of the students during GCSEs and A level exam season – a stressful time for all those involved! The night was predominantly to reward students who had put in immense amounts of effort and to recognise their success in their individual subjects. A wonderful night of celebration!


The night started off with a speech from the headmaster, Mr. Sunil Chotai, reflecting on the students hard work and efforts of the exam season and showing his appreciation and interest for our future endeavours. The night was also supported by the Chair of Governors, Ian Turner, who came to show their support to the students and wish us good luck with our future. Additionally, we were lucky enough to hear some performances from two talented students: Hanna Blunt singing “Fly Me to the Moon” and Lillie Squires singing “So Much Better” from Legally Blonde (a school production to come in the next few months). Some of the bigger awards given out during the night included: 


Outstanding contribution to the School – Bradley Parke (A* and As across subjects)

Excellence in Performing Arts – Allana Ludgrove (passion and contribution to musical theatre)

PTA Community Award – Anna Haskins (tireless work leading and representing the student body)


And many many more were celebrated on the night!


Our Guest of Honour, Alison Rose (Deputy CEO of NatWest Holdings) was kind enough to come and celebrate with the students during the night and prepare a speech to share her wisdom and how she became successful. Her best two pieces of advice included to “be brave and take risks” and also “find something you enjoy and work hard at it”- some great advice taken on board by many students in their future endeavours. 


Written by Teide Marrable