Blue Glass tells two poetic tales, one of our main characters Sky and the unforgettable Kelly and one on the tale of Chase and his boyfriend Richie.The troubles they get into makes it an absolute wonder to watch and enjoy. Its a adventure that joins to worlds that were apart, together in the tale of Blue Glass. Its about two lovers ,Sky and Kelly ,and there energetic friends Chase and Richie. The story tells us of the different ways that heterosexual people live and the way that they live as gay and interracial couples. The story relays a powerful message to us that only they can say. 

Annie Siramble`s luring melodies and Jane Escapels charismatic imagination makes up for an adventure of a lifetime. It makes you doubt everything you once knew about modern society. The whole production made by crystal lakes is performed by a stunning ensemble of amazing actors and gracious singers. Its a hopeful story that can leave you griping onto the seats for more.

"Its a thrilling and powerful tale of four gay lovers that will go down in history"   Angelina Soventana, age 25, co-director of crystal lakes.

" A musical like no other had me and a lot of people crying by the end of it"  Joanna Powonieviche age 17, Actor in Blue Glass plays Kelly.

"Its a story that takes the characters around the world and into our hearts,its a shining example of what we now in modern society can do!" Jane Escapels age 35, creator of Blue glass.

Blue Glass is a musical that was made by Annie Siramble and Jane Escapels and its running in the crystal lakes theatre production camp until July 5th 2020.The musical has won best musical in a production camp in 2019.  Its a highly recommended story for young and old. A story of a thousand words.

By Amelie Klein