Teddington, what an image of quiet and suburban. Nevertheless- in true Teddington style- The st. Mary’s Parish Hall opened its rather self explanatory venue named “The basement door”, to three up and coming alternative bands. Once part of St Mary’s church, the aged building can be described as a perfect venue; arched ceiling with a handcrafted stage both theoretically and metaphorically elevated the bands performances.

The bands involved included ‘The Sugar Cartel’ with its two supporting acts ‘the circuits’ & ‘simitri’. The two supporting amateur bands showcased south west London’s up and coming talent, with both cover and original songs being played. These events held not just in the south west, but all across the country, are fantastic opportunities for these teenagers’ aspirations of musical stardom to see a future. After speaking to the lead singer of ‘the circuits’ it became aware of how far these bands can progress from these local events- ‘the circuits’ have been chosen, amongst the many, to perform at the O2 later this year. This is part of a scheme set up by the O2 to give these younger bands a chance to gain a larger platform of recognition.

The encouragement of bands and musical talent being explored in school should be more reinforced into curriculum. From a student’s perspective, through my education I’ve had little to no influence to being advocated to learn an instrument, since experiencing these local events it cannot be ignored the life skills and experience that is gained from attending and performing. The confidence to perform and be open with a creativity, which might not be given an opportunity to be shown at school. Whilst the community and social aspects of supporting a band enriches a young persons view on culture, what perfect experience for later life.

Organisations like ‘the basement door’ are helping creativity in our local areas, regardless how little the audience is… But Led Zeppelins success didn’t come out of nowhere either. The young talent is sure to climb its way up the stardom ladder, especially if schools get more involved with surrounding support to the musically talented.


Romy Fitzpatrick