People in society today are obsessed about what beauty should look like on women. Women now wear makeup in society to cover up their face to make themselves feel pretty, as they are ashamed of the way they look and are starting to feel less confident about themselves which brings down their self-esteem. Makeup has a big impact on their lives as women can’t go a day without makeup and not feel judged. 

Social media influences young women as it promotes that they need makeup to feel secure about themselves and have self-confidence, but the reality remains that this is a big issue in the world as 80% of women say that the celebrities they see on the TV, movies, news, social media, advertising and fashion makes them feel insecure as the media gives people a definition that beauty is shown as perfection. Many people wished that beauty was portrayed in the media as being more than just a physical attractiveness. They would want the media to show a diversity of beauty in women. This can be because the media is owned by middle class men who view women a certain way.

In the media, it also shows that Celebrities are seen as role-models to young women, which is why the media uses programs like Photoshop to portray how we should see society which is why they edit out things like acne, pimples and rashes to make celebrities seem flawless, which is why many people notice they are different and can start to have doubts about themselves, but in reality everyone has their flaws which makes them human. 

It is our natural beauty on the inside that actually represents each and every one of us as a person. Most people feel like they don't have the self confidence in themselves to go out the house because of puberty so they cover up with makeup, only 11% of girls worldwide are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves. This is because young women in society today don’t have much faith in themselves to identify themselves as beautiful. It doesn't matter how we look because in the end we are all different and beautiful in our own different way.  

What I believe is that beauty is what come from your personality it doesn’t matter how you look because if we look around our environment, we have many cultures which what makes our world so beautiful. they bring different types of styles in to make our environment have many different traditions. I feel like makeup is like a filter on your face, it makes you look like a completely different person. however, men expect women to wear makeup this shows that women can feel insecure and can be judged on how confident they are with expressing themselves and even if they don't wear makeup there are now many apps like Instagram and snapchat which have different filters to make people have different eye colours, different facial features like freckles and dimples, these apps also make you feel like you’re not pretty in reality. 

Why do we have makeup?,  many people believe it is because people don’t find themselves attractive they also believe that makeup is there  to pleasure others, but many people have the same question; why is there so many products to hide beauty? there are many products like: mascara, lip gloss, eyeshadow, highlighter, foundation, concealer and contour. But over 72% of girls feel a tremendous amount of pressure to be beautiful or to put on makeup. There are also many shops that sell these products which shows us that the world sees women as people who have to wear makeup to feel pretty or cover up any insecurity about themselves. 

Most women care more about what’s on the surface rather than what underneath it. It is to be said that 75% of women doesn’t mind spending money on makeup as it gives them a chance to enchant their features. This is a big issue as women now feel like it is an obligation to wear makeup even if they are just inside their house. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul. Lucy believes that peoples beauty comes from there heart, if they believe they are pretty then they can overcome any fears of walking out on the streets without makeup or in joggers and a sweatshirt.

By Grace Harris