It is no secret that we are struggling to keep on top of the current climate crisis that is going on across the globe. From plastic to pollution many people are coming up with ways to prevent climate change and save the planet. My school has done a few things itself to encourage students to be more aware of the impact we have on our planet.

Last year our school had a conference focused on climate change where over 200 students from 4 schools came together to hear about the issue. They heard from four different speakers including professors, researchers, green space speakers and CAFOD volunteers – who represented different perspectives on the matter. After hearing from the amazing range of speakers, students said that they had “become more aware of the consequences of (their) actions in regards to the environment “. After hearing about the “positive ripple effect“ of their actions, one student said that they had become “more aware of issues surrounding climate change and will use (their) ability to start the ripple effect”. The conference was very beneficial for many students as it in enlightened them to the outcome of their actions and how they can reduce their role in climate change.

In another event students were able to hear from M&S on environmental action . Students were educated about sustainable fashion and fast fashion, including what their clothes are made of and how they are the disposed of. Students were informed about the sustainability of different clothing brands and different strategies that they can use to ensure they don’t contribute to the growing problem of fast fashion. Many students were surprised by the revelation that their clothes can stay in land fills of over 200 years whilst emitting methane. Thanks to this discussion, students said that they would check if clothing is sustainable before buying it and that they would recycle clothing to reduce the size of landfills.

On a more global scale, a 16-year-old girl has began leading protests and speaking at conferences to raise awareness of climate change. Her name is Greta Thunberg and she has been protesting for a long time for adults to finally open their eyes and realise the threat to young people’s future due to climate change. She has inspired many young people across the globe to strike from school and protest for our future. She leads protests every Friday to raise awareness for global warming and will not stop until people listen to her!

Overall, whether the action is local or global, it can inspire others and make a difference! Young people are being taught about the threats to their future and are beginning to fight back, hoping that the damage done so far is reversible.