Does listening to music really help you study? 
Some swear by it. Others can't stand it. Let's have a look at what science says.  

Known as the  'Mozart Effect' a term coined from a study that suggested listening to music could enhance intelligence. Though it has been widely discredited there are still many benefits of listening to music while studying. 

Revising for a test can be a hard, gruelling experience. Along with all the added stress of daily tests and GCSEs looming over our heads, sometimes revising can be the epitome of sullenness. Studies show that listening to soothing or relaxing music can help students to beat stress or anxiety while studying. Background music is said to help students improve their focus during long study sessions. And again we could come back to the idea of memorisation with the somewhat debatable idea of the 'Mozart effect'.

I spoke to five of my friends from Newstead Wood school and three of them agreed that they couldn't concentrate without there being some sort of music in the background while they studied.  At the same time  Esther, 14 stated that she couldn't study in anything but utter silence.  So you could say that it's a personal opinion. 

However, it is proven that listening to any music of a high bpm, angry or intense nature tends to do the complete opposite. Loud or agitated music can have adverse effects on reading, understanding and on mood, making it harder to focus. According to various studies, listening to music with lyrics is quite distracting while you read, study, and write. Your brain struggles to process the lyrics and focus on your schoolwork at the same time. You are multi-tasking, which according to research, can decrease your IQ by ten points. It makes sense that if you are using your precious concentration levels on listening and singing along to your favourite tunes, you’re being distracted from focusing on your studies and works. 

So next time you're being questioned by your parents on why you are listening to music while revising for a history test, remember to be wise and know that yes, it can help you retain information and focus but keep in mind that the type of music can greatly affect your concentration.