The Wanstead Fringe 2019 was one to remember. Wanstead was home to a variety of theatre, art, comedy and music last month from the 7th - 15th of September where families and friends came to together to immerse themselves in the generous amounts of events – of course, there was something for everyone.

From street parties and beer tasting to live music and stargazing, a huge variety of opportunities were open to all. Most popular was the Wanstead Festival, right at the heart of Wanstead on Christchurch Green. The high-spirited atmosphere was not to be missed, along with the countless stalls of food and drink, jewellery and raffles, and even a gaming truck, all accompanied by live music. Nick Morrison, a newcomer to Wanstead, said, “Overall it was a really nice event to meet people and a great chance to feel part of a community whilst having fun”. Having also participated in the celebrated Jumble Trail, a chance to sell your unwanted items whilst making friends, he stated, “It was as much as a social event as a sale.”

To inform these many newcomers on the history of Wanstead, author and artist Karen Humpage kicked off the Wanstead Fringe this year not only by launching ‘Common or Garden Cows’, her book about the days of the cows in Wanstead (before the time of the continuously questioned cattle grids) but also, led a walking tour around Wanstead. With a model cow. On wheels. It was a fantastic sight to see and not to be forgotten.

Yet, there was still more to experience - for the green fingers there was a Garden Trundle, for the keen bakers, a Choux Pastry masterclass at La Bakerie, and for future musicians, a Ukulele workshop at More Italy. To satisfy those with a love for drama, Wanstead even held their own ‘Wanstead Kinema’ at Christ Church, showing “The Kid Who Would Be King”, along with a production of “The Railway Children” at The Deaton Theatre, Forest School.

It is clear to see there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy in this week of pure entertainment.