The holy month of Ramadan (2019) Ramadan is a special and holy month one that is welcomed warmly by muslims nationwide.ramadan begins when the crescent moon is visible , dates can vary in diffrent countries,due to moon sightings.muslims tend to follow Saudi Arabia as did the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and believe it is traditional and unified the Muslim communities.ramadan is a time for Muslims to reflect deeply on their actions throughout the years and pray to allah and ask for forgiveness. is a time of peace and charity.ramadan is also the month of charity where billions of Muslims donate to those who have nothing.muslims are expected to fast from sunrise till sunset everyday without water or food. This is to remind them of the people who have no food and to learn to have self restraint and teachers them discpline.the meal which is eaten at sunset is Called iftar and it is when the family come together to break the long days fast by eating food.the fast is normally broken with water and dates these used to be Eatean by the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and is considerd to be good for you.muslims do more good deed in ramadan as it is a blessed Month and a good time for muslims to repent and ask for forgiveness.muslims must wake up in the morning to eat a meal this is called suhour and is supposed to last u the whole day till sunset.suhour ends at the prayer Fajar. After praying Maghrib and breaking fast those who seek extra reward in this blessed month proceed to pray a prayer called taraweeh this is done at night and a section of the holy Quran is read by the Imran whilst praying this is done continuously each night after resting till isha . Finally when ramadan comes to an end it is the beginning of eid al fitir it is a joyous elebration for all adults and kids pray the morning salad eid prayer before dressing up and rejoicing with family. It is a celebration for all!!