This year has kicked off with four months of incredible films hitting the screens with the likes of Dumbo, captain marvel, cold pursuit, happy death day and many more. However is the box office becoming repetitive ?

Walt Disney Pictures  a big corporation that has been around for over 80 years and has started to follow the same system of release, one film every month. For the next four months the lineup is Aladdin (live action) , Toy Story 4 (sequel), Lion King ( live action) and Frozen 2 (sequel) this is significant as they are not actually doing anything completely original which is saving them money but this is resulting in each week a disney film being the box office hit and yet again disney are  rolling in the cash. When a film does well the CEO of the Disney parks decide to create a ride that then allows more money to be made by the company. This is how Disney are taking over the film business and taking it further than any other corporation. Its

Furthermore just this April Avengers Endgame was released with months of build up, the film is one the most anticipated ever but yet again it is created by Disney. People spend loads of money seeing the film multiple times due to fan base dedication and earn more money and due to the creation of the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe) people expect more films and it continues Disney's leading results and the box office.

This is causing problems within the film industry as it makes it harder for any original films to be made and when they are they are overlooked by movie goers who would prefer to watch a film they recognise. Overall has Disney got to much control of the film industry or are they the most intelligent in the industry ?