Over the last eight months, I’ve found writing articles pretty challenging as a whole. This was because I found it hard to pick topics that may be interesting even if my article wasn’t going to be chosen to be read by people.  However, I did this for myself so it was more me questioning how I could expand upon ideas. One way is that I could have improved my articles by including photos which may have brought more attention.

I personally decided to do the Young Reporter Scheme to try something new and see if I had the ability or talent to pursue writing articles in the future. I found that I have to do more when it concerns articles, an example is adding photos and extending upon my words instead of just meeting what’s expected. So overall, I have taken things away from this experience to do better. I also found, that I might not have the patience to write articles when I realized I could be adding more. Even this article will fit the criteria of my past articles and may not be the improvement that I’ll be aiming for in the future. I wrote about things that I was a part of, like the climate strikes and our yearly school contest called The Norwood Factor, or things changing around in the community where I live. It made it easier for me to write about things I am familiar with or could quickly become familiar with, but this may be another thing I need to improve on, finding harder topics to write about so that I can learn more from the experience as a whole.

If I had the chance, I may do the Scheme differently and with more determination but for all it was, my experience was eye opening and informative. I’m glad I tried it and would recommend it to people.