What is Agriculture?

Agriculture is everything. Agriculture is part of everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Agriculture is the science and occupation of producing crops and raising livestock.

What includes in Agriculture?

Distribution of agricultural products 

Farm production helps by supplying things we need and services us everywhere and anytime.

The use and conservation of land and water resources.

Helps our health very much, in nutrition, and food.

What sacrifices has Farmers/ Agriculture made for us?

What have they not sacrificed for us? Many Farmers spend all year growing crops to supply us. What have we done in return? We pay them minimal money and with that money they have to buy food for their family and essentials. We on the other hand spend the money on new clothes or trainers (trends) also spending it on going on holidays. Farmers are not like that they do not have time or money to enjoy the luxury that we own. They have sacrificed their happiness for us. Farming is a happiness but what they have sacrificed for us eg. their lives,  is the major point. Due to very minimal money many Farmers in India have committed suicide with their family.

Overall in this article I hope you understood what Agricultures is and what farmers have gave us and what they sacrificed for us. Thankyou and PLEASE SUPPORT FARMERS AND AGRICULTURE!