The London Borough of Culture is an award intended for Londoners from all different nationalities, gender and age to come together as one. It will put culture into the hearts of the local residents. It will glorify the character and diversity that may not be seen to other people around London and prove being united is a better thing than living in solitude, also showing culture is for everyone. Sadiq Khan wanted us as Londoners to come together and celebrate our borough and demonstrate the beautiful art we can produce and all communities can put the negativities aside and be joyful for the evening.

All my life, Waltham Forest has been a borough that has been misinterpreted. It was most commonly known for its anti-social behaviour and poverty which has been an on-going cycle. The borough lacked security and was never given the chance to shine as they did when being awarded to host the first ever London Borough of Culture. This event allowed the residents of the borough to see what the true Waltham Forest looks like and the potential that could evolve in the future. It allowed people to view the positive side of Waltham Forest that nobody has seen and it also proved to us that we do not need to be fearful of the area. As people finished work and school they were able to unwind at the event. In Lloyds Park they hosted ‘The Nest’ which can be translated to being the stable and secure environment which the community seeks to be in. Locals gathered in viewing what was meant momentous day for the borough of Waltham Forest. The Nest was a circle of light that could symbolise the community coming together as one.

Once I attended the London borough of Culture for Waltham Forest I understood why they were awarded to host the yearlong event. They demonstrated the unity that I thought that was not there. This event proved me wrong, I saw how well connected the residents were with one another and how joyful they were when witnessing this phenomenal event and also seeing the Mayor of London. It reassures them that they are not alone and that there are people in the government that truly care about them.

At the town hall, I was able to see a lot of performances created by local people of the borough which was really intriguing to watch. I was also able to hear Sadiq Khan do a speech about the borough and why it was important for them to award the Waltham Forest the London borough of Culture. He wanted the communities and residents of Waltham Forest to come together and unity so we do not have to be lonely in where we live. He made it clear that it was important for him to make his way here to show that yes he does have a lot of critics but that will not stop him to do the right thing for boroughs around London. I also saw drummers and people on steels in costumes walking around the street.

While I was walking around town hall near the front there was a bonfire night theme, where the fire was set in four different corners and two in the middle of each corner, than there was a humongous fire pit in the middle of the field that would have a mini burst every 30 second. There were so many beautiful colours that complimented the decorations placed with the event and performances shared to us, which were entertaining to me. The food made were from different countries and tasted wonderful.