The definition of colourism is discrimination against individuals of a darker skin tone, normally amongst people of the same ethnic group or racial group. In London there is a lot of diversity as there is a big diverse population and with large amount of people crowed in one city, there is a lot of criticism around us for our appearance. This stems from a lot of people migrating from countries outside of the UK and coming to cities like London and mating with neighboring people who look different from what they are not use to but have an attraction towards them because they have a lighter complexion which they find is more attractive than someone who is dark.

In the East Asian community. Many Korean people are known to bleach their skin due to preferring lighter skin than darker, they have the perception from a lot of people from the western world. In addition, many women use umbrellas to cover their selves in summer so that they can avoid sun to skin contact. An abundant of Korean people take offence when they are told “you look darker” or “you’re not pale enough”, those phrases hurt people emotionally and narrow our perception. It lends the idea that lighter skin is more than just preferred, it's "superior”, as they all want to be seen beautiful in people’s eyes.

However, the perception of “lighter is better” ideology differs in the white community. There are a lot of white people who do prefer having a darker skin then lighter, as it is perceived that having paler skin makes you look unwell or unhealthy and to beat that stigma majority would get in to fake tans or spray tans to look more healthy or to feel more beautiful about their skin.

In the black community it differs again. It is perceived that being lighter is more beautiful than being darker. There is a division between the three complexions (light skin, brown skin and dark skin) because through history it is always been seen that the lighter skin people are more beautiful, they can get any job, they are “superior” and can have everyone they want just from the simple fact they are light skin but this also how they lightness is associated with their whiteness. Moreover, this also stems from the fact that a lot of black men prefer the “light skin” women from the “brown skin” women as they are not as “pretty”. Putting down the brown skin and dark skin women turns to them hating their complexion, not wanting to value it which therefore results to bleaching skin just so they can be accepted, loved and not diminished by everyone. In some countries like Jamaica, it is has become normal for darker skin males and females to bleach their skin so they will not be judged for being dark or just because they can.

A lot of people do not realize the type of damage they put there skin through from just bleaching or tanning to fit in this society of beauty. A lot of bleaching cream include the many two chemicals of Hydroquinone and mercury which doesn’t fit well with every skin tone, which results in major side effects, such as: burning, itching- the pain can be sever and intolerable. Crusting of the skin can appear and so on. This is the type of things a lot of people do to be considered beautiful but there is a lot more that we can offer rather than our complexion to be considered beautiful.