Stefania Zgripcea, a 19 year old student from Hatch End High School, has carried out a drastic change in order to raise money for children with cancer. Stefania bravely chose to shave her hair in front of her peers in return for donations. She hopes that her actions will help to change many young people's lives as well as their families.

For many, Stefania's decision would be terrifying however, she acknowledges that bold actions are the best way to gain people's attention. "I wanted to do something that would have a shock factor." Young people are often uninterested by charity work because it lacks excitement which is perhaps why Stefania's campaign has been so successful. In fact, she claims that she's "always wanted to shave my hair," and "thought it would be amazing to do it for a brilliant cause." When asked how Stefania felt about her hair she appeared overjoyed by her decision, "I love my haircut! I honestly feel so beautiful and I would definitely do it again!"

Stefania's campaign has already raised an amazing £710 - over £500 more than her original goal. "I was shocked by the amount of love and support I have received. Honestly I feel so honoured because this fundraiser wouldn’t have worked without the wonderful people who donated."

Many of her peers stated how brave Stefania was for her actions. However, she sees shaving her hair as small gesture in comparison to the children who she has chosen to donate the money to. Stefania said that she chose her charity because they specialise in both carrying out research and supporting children and families, "Cancer doesn’t just affect the child but also the people around them. For the child to feel cared for, the family also have to feel emotionally stable and ready to take care of them".

She has become a positive role model for her peers and encourages them to understand that helping people is something that can be done easily and every small gesture counts: "It doesn’t only involve donating money and shaving your hair. It can be something so simple like complimenting someone or smiling at someone. If you want to do something extra donate to charity and help people in need."

Stefania plans on continuing to carry out fundraising activities in the future. "I never want to stop helping people. It’s something that brings me the most joy in life and something I could never stop doing". She is currently seeking to do a 12 week charity programme through which she will build schools and houses in third world countries. Stefania continues to be an inspiration to her school and community.