A group of year 12's from Carshalton High School for Girls have decided to take part in the programme of Young Enterprise and have created a project called "Rosadè".

I have interviewed Ella Williamson, one of the managing director to find out more about their project.

Why the name "Rosadè"? 

The name "Rosadè" has a deep meaning: there are different types of roses but they are all brought togheter under the same name. This represents the team behind this business: different girls with different cultures and beliefs who have come togheter to make a change.

What is the logo and the meaning behind it?

Rosadè's logo is made up of fire and a rose, two contrasting elements that represent the beauty and hope and the conflict present in the world.

What are the aims?

The aim behind this campaign is to support and raise awareness on domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In 2018, an estimated 1.3 women and 695.000 men aged 16 to 59 years have experienced domestic abuse in the UK.

These statistics however don't give a true image beacuse there are many more victims that decide not to report to the police.

Rosadè's products

Rosadè offers a number of clothing items, including t-shirts, caps and jumpers.

The aim is to produce fashionable products that also have a positive message.

How can you support Rosadè?

Supporting in easy! Buy Rosadè's products, wear them with pride and spread the word!

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