There are spoilers so if you have not seen the film yet read this article later. Avengers Endgame is the final film of the Avengers franchise. Last year Avengers Infinity war was released leaving fans panic-stricken as we witnessed our most beloved Marvel characters turn to dust before our very eyes.

Avengers Endgame made an estimated $1.2 billion at the world wide box office for its opening. It is the only film to cross the $1 billion mark for its opening debut! Marvel Studios has nearly made $20 billion altogether over the past ten years! Many fans have been waiting for this movie since 2nd May 2008 when the first Iron Man movie was released.

What’s great about the film is that we go back to many pasts scenes of Marvel films including the very first ‘Avengers assemble’ in New York 2012. The heroes travelling back to the past really shows us what a long way we have come and how the years have just flown by.

Although Captain Marvel had a large character build-up including her own movie, she did not have a large role. Captain Marvel only showed up at the start and came back at the end to destroy Thanos’ ship.

Endgame was an amazing film but there are many plot holes. Thor has been maturing and learning to take responsibility as the new leader of Asgard, but by the end of the film he leaves to join the Guardians of the Galaxy leaving Valkyrie in charge. Many fans were teased to see Loki’s escape with the tesseract but changes in the past won’t affect their future but create alternate timelines, so in other words Loki is still dead.

When Captain America lifts up Thor’s hammer this reminds us of the time they all tried to lift Thor’s hammer in Age of Ultron. When it was Captain America’s turn he moved it an inch but was still unable to pick it up. This shows Captain America’s growth as he is now worthy and able to wield the mighty mjolnir. The most heart shattering scene was the death Iron Man. All Marvel fans knew it would happen sooner or later but hoped it wouldn’t. It was gut-wrenching and tears started to well on the audience’s faces as we saw our adored hero fade away.