To all those nervous students out there the time is soon approaching for GCSEs and A Levels, exams that students have been putting in countless hours of work for over the last couple of months and even years. GCSE exams start on the 13th May and kicking it all off is Latin Language and Computer Science. A-levels also begin on the 13th of May.

However, all GCSE exams are finished by the 21st of June for all exam boards and students can relax and let their hair down for a long-awaited summer holiday full of having fun with friend, taking in the sun with family and of course forgetting all about exams and revision as Results Day is quite a few weeks away. Not to fear as our fun-filled summer will come soon but for the meantime some revision tips I personally have found extremely helpful that can get all us through this extremely stressful time:

Making mind maps and flashcards

Using the subject specific specifications

Looking at past and specimen papers alongside their mark schemes

Doing practice questions

Brief notes on useful equations and quotes 

Asking teachers questions because they are there to help

The most important thing during this stressful time though is to look after one’s mental and physical health. It is vital that we eat and sleep properly especially during the time-pressured exam season as well as doing some exercise every so often, as even a break from all the hard work, and drinking enough water to stay hydrated. Without these basic necessities any revision done will be proved ineffective as I have found out myself the hard way. Everyone should just do their best and good luck to absolutely everyone out there who is taking their exams this summer!!