The Extinction Rebellion are an activist group. They are currently protesting (non-violently) in the UK, to encourage the government to sort the issues with climate change and the environment.

What are their main objectives?

1. "tell the truth" by declaring a "climate and ecological emergency" and work together with other institutions to help spread the message for the need for change.

2. Secondly, the UK must "act now" to stop loss of habitat and reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.This is just one of the few protests they have done in the UK, the most recent one being in early November. They have captured all news stations with there urge to save the planet, and have affected the British in more ways than you would expect.

3. The third objective is the formation of a Citizens' Assembly to "oversee the changes" that will be needed to achieve this goal.

Many people agree with their protests and are understanding of their protests. Others have looked at more of the negative aspects of the protests, such as difficulty getting to places, as there has been a lack of transport.

Famous people such as Emma Thompson have even joined the protest, claiming that her generation had 'failed young people'.