Throughout Kew Gardens, multiple sculptures by the artist Chihuly can be seen. These elaborate glass creations are inspired by nature, and will be present around the grounds until the 27th of October. Their unique forms have already attracted praise from visitors.

Chihuly, an American artist, has been creating sculptures for several years now. Known for his use of blown glass as a medium, he is extremely talented, particularly given the difficulty that comes with manipulating glass in the way that he does. 

Gillian Hughes has noted how the ‘glass work was stunning’ and ‘mesmerising’, and mentioned how ‘the beautiful setting’ contributed to the overall fantastic effect of the artwork.

Works like the ‘Sapphire Star’ are displayed along a trail, with over 30 pieces present in all, and night time walks in which the sculptures will be illuminated are also being offered. The artwork is extremely impressive, and is even more effective in the stunning gardens of Kew.