Duke Of Edinburgh Interview

The Duke Of Edinburgh award scheme is a great way to boost your qualifications and learn new skills you perhaps may not acquire during the academic year. I partake in the scheme and I have my opinion of it, but I wanted to hear from someone else on what they do and their thoughts for the DofE award scheme.

I interviewed Rizwan Hatimi, a pupil at Hampton school.

Question: how does DofE work?

Answer: you have to complete 2 expeditions over a three day period each, you have to do volunteering at a chosen location for 6 months, you have to do a skill for either 3 or twelve months ( eg cooking ) and u have to do a physical activity for 3 or twelve months. So it is actually a lot more than just an expedition as some people think!

Question: what do you do for volunteering?

Answer: I help tutor children that live near to me in any subjects they struggle with.

Question: what skill do you do?

Answer: I actually do Young Reporters as well, which is a bonus qualification so for me it’s a win win!

Question: what physical activity do you do?

Answer: I do rock climbing, which may seem weird to some people, but I really enjoy doing it.

Question: have you done an expedition yet?

Answer: yes, I recently did my first expedition at the start of April with five other boys. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I did know was there would be a lot of walking!

Question: what happened on the expedition that really sticks out in your mind?

Answer: well it was the third and final day of the expedition. We had been walking at a steady pace, and where making good ground. However, I was starting to drift off the back of the group, as was another boy. We stopped to have a rest, looked up, and couldn’t see our group! We where walking round for ages trying to find them, but luckily, it didn’t take to long. And as a bonus, we even managed to finish first, being the first group into the final camp. It was a great feeling.

Question: what are your overall thoughts on the course so far?

Answer: I have really enjoyed the course, and think that it holds really good chances to teach yourself something new or go out of your comfort zone. So I would definitely recommend doing the course.