On Friday 15th March 2019, at 05:00, a household in Eltham discovered they had been burgled. The burglars had broken into the Otoo’s residence in the early hours of the morning and managed to do so without alerting anyone at the time.

The family immediately reported the burgulay to the police and waited for their arrival. The items that the burglars took were: 2 laptops, an Apple Mac, money, bank cards, bags and a Lexus car. The police took over 3 hours to get to the crime scene and after investigation discovered that 2-3 burglars had been involved. The police were able to recover a few of their possessions however their car was not one of these. When questioned, Derica Otoo said, ‘ When I found out that people had broken in I was in disbelief because it’s something that you honestly don’t expect will ever happen to you.’

When questioning how the burglars managed to break into the home,  Mr Otoo said that he had accidentally left his house keys in the car and left the car unlocked in the driveway. No neighbours witnessed the crime and the burglars took advantage of this and used the keys to enter the house and stole the Otoo’s belongings.

According to the Metropolitan police burglary in definition is’ A theft, or attempted theft,from a premises where access in not authorised’. Eltham is in South East London and in the month of February 2019 saw a rise in burglary offences. A reason for this could be the increasing population of Eltham. According to data collected by Metropolitan Police there have been 139 reported cases of burglary from March 2018 to 2019. There are many steps that everyone can take to prevent being burgled. This includes locking doors and windows anytime you leave the house, installing a visual burglar alarm, hiding all keys out of sight and joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. A neighbourhood watch scheme consists of a local community, working with local police to take action against crime and help to reduce it.

Although we may feel like we are immune to such things such as burglary, precautions are necessary as incidents such are reminders that it can happen to anybody.