When you think of church, what springs to mind? High ceilings and stained glass windows? Holy communion and baptism? Or absolute chaos, with a group of farm animals at ground zero?

Probably not the latter, right? And yet that was the scene at Bromley Town Church, where they celebrated Palm Sunday with their annual Farm in the Church event. Once a year, farm animals are invited to share the church in a loud morning celebration.

Karlyse Thompson said that the environment was a great space to invite friends to. “The event was perfect for inviting friends with children to as they got to see the church in an informal setting - the children also obviously went away with good memories too!”

So how does it work? The event began with a small service with singing and a video, before the main attraction: bunnies, chicks, sheep, goats, and even a donkey! While they waited, children could do arts and crafts or have their picture taken at the photo station, in a bid to win 4 Vue cinema tickets. Finally, as they left, children were given a goodie bag - with lots of chocolate of course!

I was not the target audience, but I must admit I had fun playing with the animals. Another person who had fun was my sister, who said “It was really really fun! My favourite animals were the sheep and the donkey, and I definitely want to come back again”

The church plan to hold the event as long as people want to come and I suspect there’ll be a lot of repeat customers!