Worker's Day, Labour Day in some parts of the world and often referred to as International Workers' Day worldwide. This takes place on the 1st of May, which is also a public holiday for residents of the United Kingdom and many other countries.

How 'Worker's Day' affects us?

Worker's Day affects in various ways such as helping us to celebrate the hard work the workers had done and all the tough situations and conditions they had to overcome to produce the product you purchase. This allows us to be grateful for the process and the amount of hard work the product has been through before it is in your hands and to allow them to celebrate their achievements.

What can you do to participate in 'Worker's Day';

- Honour every worker in your surroundings; this is done by gifting them or simply saying 'Thank You'

- Think about the process of production (cycle it has been through before it's in your hands) when making    purchases 

- Cook a dish with Fresh Ingredients and share it

- Plant some Spring Flowers to celebrate new growth

- Take a walk and enjoy the breeze of nature

- Honour the process of production of your products

- Teach Someone about the process a product has been through

Why Should You Participate In 'Worker's Day'?

You should participate in Worker's Day as it helps and allows everyone to appreciate the true value of all the products we own and the process it has been through, the situations and conditions the workers had been through to produce the goods you own and it also allows others to appreciate the hard work you put in when producing a product. This can also help people who work so hard to earn very little as they at least get to know the consumers are grateful for the process and hard work the product has been through.

Overall from reading my article, I hope you understand what Worker's Day is, why it is celebrated, how it can be celebrated and helps you appreciate each product's true value, process it has been through.

Happy Worker's Day!

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