9%. The percentage of female IT leaders around the world. A figure that has not changed much throughout the years, regardless of the fact that many organisations claim that they have diversity and equality. Stereotypes about the types of roles in the this industry have resulted in not many women entering the IT world.

I recently visited a well-known company and had the chance to talk to various people in the IT field. One of the questions I asked them was if they faced any challenges as a woman during their career. Most, if not all, the women said yes. Many of them said that more inequality is experienced the higher up you go in your profession, i.e. graduates are often treated more equally than those who have jobs. I talked to a project management analyst (who wishes to be anonymous) and she stated "I am the only woman in my team of 17 people. It is sometimes quite challenging to work with lots of men as they tend to be quite controlling and can also take advantage of women, due to the fact that there are not many of them with such roles."

However, should this be happening? In the past, many women fought for their rights and we are still continuing to do so. But why are only 9% of IT leaders around the world female? It could be as a result of stereotypes or men being too empowering. Recently, many have started to take action and there are currently various schemes and organisations that help women gain the rights they deserve and to help them be recognised in society. An example is the Women in IT Awards, which showcases the achievements of women in IT to identify new role models. The awards were launched to celebrate successful women in technology.

Some often think that women are not capable of having such leading roles and that IT is only for men. However, these people are wrong and us women need to change their views.