Exam season - dread,guilt,stress. Every year millions of students up and down the country face a horrific amount of pressure as they undertake their GCSEs and A-Level exams. Even as I am writing this article, I feel an awful amount of guilt for not revising - this must change and as a society we must do something about it. Although we cannot avoid the loom of deadlines, we can use methods to relieve stress.

When interviewing members of my class, Siobhan Ogunmola stated that “I find it beneficial to go to the gym when I am stressed”.  However, Priyenka Devkota prefers to “listen to music to alleviate the stress”. As a community, we must look out for our friends, who although may be hiding their stress, are feeling anxious. For example, Mayo Adeyemo revealed how she finds it useful to “take some time out of my day to go out with my friends”.

A report conducted by UCL in 2017 expressed seven tips on how to cope with exam stress. One of these tips was “to pace yourself through panic”. Their advice is to take deep breaths, hydrate yourself and eat a nutritious snack. Another tip was to set realistic goals so that you “maximise your productivity without the risk of burning yourself out”.

Most importantly for your body’s best performance make sure you eat,sleep and exercise well.