We have all heard our fair share of strangely amusing accents in the UK. Especially in London.

From hearing the exotic brummie (Birmingham) accent to the heavily evolved London accent called cockney. If you are not familiar with any of these accents, and you’re living in London, then you are living an imagined reality under a rock. The Cockney accent is by far the most famous accent in British history, even surpassing the original London accent, i.e. ‘The Queen’s English’ or Received Pronunciation. One way you can identify the Cockney accent is to listen to how they pronounce ‘th’ and ‘H’ beginning words. They would say the word ‘Think’ sounding like ‘Fink’ and the word ‘Horse’ like ‘Orse’, completely ditching the ’h’. You might recall hearing an angry woman on a bus shouting what sounds like “ya avin’ a larf!” Now do you remember? If you still can’t I'm sorry I can't help you.

However with the Mancunian (Manchester) accent, their pronunciations are out of this world. The Guardian did a survey including the most to least attractive accents of the UK. The most attractive has been chosen as the Southern Irish accent (I think that’s the actual Irish accent). The runner up is the Received Pronunciation Accent- In other words the famous, ‘glorified’ London accent! Third is the Welsh accent, followed by the Yorkshire accent as fourth. You could say the least attractive accents were already destined to be last in the list. Lo and Behold: Mancunian, Scouse and Brummie! As a matter of fact, I do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, so please do not be offended as I am not aiming to offend anyone in any way. Just throwing that in there…

In my opinion, as you would have already guessed, my favourite accent in the UK is the simple, timeless and classic London Accent or ‘Received Pronunciation’. That is the accent that most people would prefer. My favourite accent in the whole world is the American Accent. I don’t mean the southern American accent (even though it is mildly attention- grabbing), but specifically the New York accent. It is not too nasal and not too plain. It is the perfect accent. Everyone has their own unique and sometimes eccentric views and this is just mine. What is yours?