The futuristic leap made by Sadiq Khan is part of the ‘Cycling Action Plan’, which carries longevity in the aim to double the number of journeys made by bicycle over the next six years. This movement promotes healthier lifestyles and would mean lower costs for the NHS, higher productivity for businesses and better quality of life for residents. The ‘Cycling Action Plan’ will provide security to cyclists on the road as well as make the town centre ‘more vibrant’.

This is because of the growing numbers in deaths from London roads, being shed light on. In 2018, there were 66.7% cyclist fatalities in London highlighting dangers of unsafe roads. This movement by Sadiq Khan will also support the new, state of the art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium through its hope to decrease congestion on match days.

However, the construction of the cycle lanes has caused disruption on morning and rush hour commutes. In order to find out, I carried out an investigation to find out how long it would take from Lower Edmonton, Edmonton Green Bus Station, to Upper Edmonton, Angel Corner. On an average day, the journey should take approximately 7-8 minutes, but from the investigation I found it to be taking 16-17 minutes. This is double the average time, proving the construction process to be detrimental.

To conclude, the ‘Cycling Action Plan’ looks to help Edmonton in being recognised as an eco-friendly town. But, factors such as the construction and travel delays are notable factors that can prove the process to be negative.